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About Us

GameDay Girl ® is a lifestyle brand for girls of all ages.  GameDay Girl is the spirit in our daughters, in our mothers, in our sisters and in our friends.  Gameday Girl lives in all of us 

Get in the game whether it's your sport or a passion to feel your best!

Whether you are a sports pro or a super fan in the stands: Be a GDG!  Live like GDG!  Wear the game!

GameDay Girl is a brand that promotes fun inspirational messages on vintagey t’s and caps for girls of all ages.

GDG is the vision of Jennifer Wimpfheimer, who is inspired by her children to create the brand's primary designs and favorite messages. With over two decades of experience in the apparel industry, Jennifer has created a line that embodied her passions: who she was, what she lived, what she aspired to.

"GameDay Girl has been my inspiration and sparks my soul.  With this I'm sure you'll find your GameDay Girl too :)"